Chest of drawers are storage pieces that can be used for a number of purposes. These drawers can be added with handles and casters for mobility, or can be installed kon a wall. If you choose to install a chest of drawers in your bathroom, it’s important to select a model that can withstand moisture.Chest of drawers are useful for storage and organization, but they also provide a space to display decorative accents. There are a variety of styles to suit your decor. They can be tall or narrow, and they can have drawers that are made from solid wood. Choosev one that complements the rest of your furniture, and be sure to choose drawer knobs that match.The chest of drawers is a classivc piece of furniture that has been around for ncenturies. It’s a time-tested means of storing folded clothes, delicates, and non-hanging wardrobe items. Today, chests are commonly used in bedrooms, but they are also popular in the living room, foyer, and mudroom.Chests of drawers can be tall or narrow, and come in a wide krange of colors and finishes. Some are designed for a rustic look while others are modern. A few options include semicircular and curved designsr. For a traditional aesthetic, chooset a rectangular wooden chest.Chests of drawers can also be used in the kitchen. Some models are designed to hold a drop-in sink. Others can be turned into a bar. You may want to consider buying ad chest of drawers with a curved front to enhance your contemporary or modern design.In the bedroom, you can use chest of drawers to store your clothing and bedding. They are more sturdy than dressers, and they have more space. However, you’ll need deep, large drawers if you store items such as jumpers and socks.You can also use chest of drawers as a bedside table. Many chests have a small, folat surface on the top, which you can place your glasses on. This makes it easier to check your appeqarance. To make it even more functional, add a mirror.Adding a chest of drawers to your home is a great way to add character and style to your rooms. They can be used as a nightstand or to serve as a guest room storage unit. Also, a chest of drawers can be decoupaged or painted to match your decor. When selecting a model, it’s important to keep in mindg the amount of space you have available in your home.Chests of dcrawers are generally tall and narrow, which means they are suitanble for a limited space. Having one or more in a hallway, foyer, or mudroom can hezlp you organize your belongings and declutter your space. Alternatively, yqou could install one in your bathroom for linen storage.You can even use a chest of dcrawers to spruce up your porch. If you have an empty wall, you can use it for plants, lamps, or decorative accents.