Functional fun feng shui interior design ideas

Feng shui is an age-old Chinese art that means “wind-water,” and which are identified with good health and good luck. A “Feng shui’d” home feels more harmonious and peaceful. To enhance the amount of good vibes in your home, we bring you functional and fun easy to apply feng shui home decor tips for a lucky, fruitful Chinese Year of the Dog.

1. Remove clutter from your room

The single most critical goal in making feng shui is enabling for the flow of positive energy, or chi, all over your house. Chi guides good health, luck, and wealth. Removing the clutter has to be rigorous—don’t even think about hiding your stuff. Overloaded closets and bookcases, things under the furniture, and broken or unfashionable items all interfere with chi flow. You got to clear the space under the bed, clean up the closets, and all shelves and cabinets. You can keep the items that have special meaning to you.

2. Allow air and light to flow throughout

To ensure the continuous flow of positive energy all over the house, air (wind) and light need move as well. The removal of litter from your home allows the energy to flow smoothly. It would help if you opened the windows to intensify airflow. Facilitate the flow of light by keeping all mirrors, glass, and windows clean. In case you still have a dark space or corner that needs a bit of brightening, you can install a lamp to illuminate the space, or use a mirror to reflect the natural light.

3. Introduce plants

Airflow is critical in feng shui, and it has to be pure air. Plants help to filter the air, to give your home a cleaner, healthier environment. Plants also stimulate vibrant chi energy owing to their life force. Healthy plants help to attract quality energy. Some plants give good energy than others. Actually, some plants, some plants are bad for Feng shi, including cactus because they don’t require constant watering, (water is equated to wealth), or they’re also spiky and therefore “unfriendly. Plants favorable for good energy mostly require little maintenance and perform well indoors. Some of the “luckiest” plants that you can invite into your home include Ficus and Peace lily.

4. Add colors to enhance energy

Colors play a critically important role in feng shui; you can add them through paint, decorative items, or wall art.

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