Designing a home office best layout ideas and-tips

As the novel coronavirus disrupts the workplace environment, more and more people have to work from home more than ever before. But whether your home office is a cozy corner where you plan your schedule or a designated area for doing your remote work, you deserve more than a chair and a table stuffed into a nook. An office space that matches the comfort and décor of the rest of your house helps boost your productivity.

Tips for Designing your Home Office

A well-designed home office can determine whether you will get the job done. Let’s look at the key considerations for an ideal home office.

1. Location is key

Because you’re likely to spend considerable time in your home office, it’s vital to locate an office space where you will not stiff yourself. Always settle for a place you will find comfortable away from loud irritating noises.

2. Natural light

Good lighting is critical. Preferably you want as much natural lighting as possible as it tends to improve your productivity and engagement by reducing drowsiness, eye strain, and frequency of headaches while working. You might want your computer to receive light from the side or in front, rather than behind to avoid glare.

On the other hand, if your office has limited natural lighting, you can incorporate various light fixtures, such as a desk lamp, to distribute light evenly throughout the space. Usually, it is advisable to go for warm and full-spectrum lighting rather than bright white lighting.

3. Invest in an excellent desk and chair

Settling on the best desk and chair will involve considering the amount of space available in the room. Although the desk should be large enough to accommodate your monitor, it should also fit in your workspace. It’s also advisable to match your office chair with the color of the room’s furniture. Even so, comfort comes first. You can opt for a swivel, ergonomically correct, and comfortable seat alongside a chest of drawers( if you plan to sit for any length of time.

4. Repaint the walls

Forget the dull grey color; you may want a bright, cheery color on your walls to get your work motor bustling. Different people have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to wall décor. It is essential to know what works for you better before proceeding to redesign your walls.

Above all else, the main intention of designing the right office space is keeping it personal. Feel free to try different things that you feel will unlock the perfect combination of productivity and serenity. Remember, your office space is yours; let it feel that way.

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